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About Us

Kid’s Chance of New Hampshire is a 501c3 organization that provides scholarships for the children of workers who are seriously injured or killed on the job. Sebastian Grasso, CEO of Windham Group, a leading workers’ compensation case management company, helped establish the state organization before passing the chair responsibilities to Stacey Foote.

“A catastrophic injury creates an incredible financial hardship on an employee’s family and puts the children’s opportunities for higher education at risk,” Grasso said. “When I realized New Hampshire didn’t have a Kid’s Chance, I knew we needed to start one.”

Each state organization operates independently, and New Hampshire’s will raise funds and provide scholarships for children of workers who are seriously injured in that state. Information on an eligible child is entered onto Kid’s Chance of America’s website, and the state organization starts the scholarship process when the child turns 15 or 16.

“We are thrilled with the New Hampshire group’s energy and activity and know they will provide a lot of scholarship activity in this segment of the country,” said Vicki Burkhart, executive director of Kid’s Chance of America.

Kid’s Chance of America supports state organizations, provides a forum for state organizations to discuss best practices, share resources, and collaborate on projects at a national level. There are 39 state organizations and another seven are being set up. Collectively, Kid’s Chance organizations have awarded 6,000 scholarships across the country, totaling over $18 million. For more information, please see